Since our foundation in 1961, we have spent more than half a century engaged in the repair of kimonos in Kyoto.

Our job is to take charge of our customers’ precious kimonos and then leverage to the full our wealth of experience and the techniques we have developed over many years as we put our heart and soul into restoring them.

We can handle every kind of kimono work, including whole laundering, Araihari (washing/starching/stretching), stain removing, re-dyeing, patterning, re-tailoring, and re-stitching. So whatever your concern about your kimono may be, please leave it to us.


We deliver the craftsmanship of Kyoto to all types of customer, including both individuals and companies.

We also perform processing work for apparel companies, respond to inquiries and provide advice, run a call center for those wishing to sell kimonos that they no longer need, and operate both a physical and online store for individual customers.